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Monday, August 1, 2011

Western Canadian Regional Event in Edmonton

To All ACN Independent Business Owners,
We are less than one week away from our Western Canadian Regional Event in Edmonton.  This event will feature top producing Regional Vice President/Presidents Club Member, Mr. Amar Singh from Toronto.  Mr. Singh was a highly successful business owner and entrepreneur prior to ACN.  Six years later, he has built a team of over 20,000 IBO's and over 120,000 customers.  This is going to be an excellent chance to put your best prospects and business owners in front of an elite leader in ACN.  Use all of the events listed below to build towards Edmonton.  Remember, if you are within 8 hours of Edmonton, that is considered LOCAL.
This Week in ACN
 Edmonton Business Opportunity Meeting (BOM)Thursday, August 4th
The Fantasyland Hotel at the West Edmonton Mall
Conference Center - Room 10
Edmonton, AB.
7:30p.m. sharp start
Hosts:  The Edmonton Leadership Team
Special Guest Presenter:  TC Mr. Shaun Bradford
For more information on this exciting event, feel free to contact TC Mr. Christopher Gowing at (780)288-0808.
ETT & Above Advanced Leadership Training
with Special Guest RVP/PC Mr. Amar Singh
Friday, August 5th
Delta Edmonton South Conference Centre
4404 Gateway Blvd, 

Edmonton, AB.
Event to be held in the Fort McMurray Room7:00p.m. - 9:30p.m.
Representatives: $10
Alberta/Saskatchewan Regional Event
with Special Guest RVP/PC Mr. Amar Singh
Saturday, August 6th
Delta Edmonton South Conference Centre
4404 Gateway Blvd
  Edmonton AB
Event to be held in the ROYAL ROOM
10a.m. - 3p.m.
For more information and details, see below.
Alberta/Saskatchewan Regional Training Event
Special Guest Speaker
Regional Vice President/Presidents Club Member
Mr. Amar Singh (Toronto)
Amar Singh
Edmonton, Alberta
Saturday, August 6th
 We are honored and privileged to announce that Regional Vice President/Presidents Club Member, Mr.Amar Singh
will be the guest speaker and trainer in Edmonton on Friday, August 5th & Saturday, August 6th.
Prior to ACN, Mr.Singh had an engineering degree and was a successful business owner of several nightclubs and high end restaurants in the Toronto Area. Today, in just 6 years, he has over 20,000 Independent Business Owners in his organization and over 120,000 customers.  Mr. Singh is also the personal sponsor of SVP Franco LoFranco and has helped many people succeed at a high level in this business. An incredible trainer, make sure you mark your calendars for this AWESOME  guest speaker. 
For more information and to pre-register for this incredible Regional Event. please click on the link below:
*Special note that the first 100 people to pre-register receive 10 VIP guest seating tickets for the Business Opportunity Meeting!